Frequently Asked Questions

No, not yet
Yes they are, however keep in mind that the products should be kept at the recommended temperatures even when traveling. Nelle Mavri will not accept returns or exchange products that may have changed texture (melted) due exposure to excessive heat or sun.
Although we do not support chemically treated or relaxed hair as a brand, Nelle Mavri Leave in conditioner may be suitable for such hair types as it will restore the protein of the damaged hair.
Yes! It will condition and soften coarse hair.
Unfortunately, no.
At Nelle Mavri, we highly recommend following the LLOB or LLBO method when moisturizing your natural hair. As such, the LLOB/LLBO method is an effective popular method used to help natural hair to hold on to moisture for a longer period of time because often times natural hair looses moisture too quickly. L = Liquid: water, aloe juice, coconut water, rose water, etc. L = Leave in conditioner (Nelle Mavri Leave in conditioner) O = Oil (Rato Mavri Edition Body Butter since it’s predominantly oil based product) B = Butter (Nelle Mavri Hair Butter, Rato Mavri Edition Hair butter)
Yes, at Nelle Mavri, we care about all natural hair types! That’s why our hair butter is a great alternative for people whose natural hair type is sensitive to protein! Since Nelle Mavri Hair Butter contains rice milk it will gently strengthen and deeply moisturize your natural hair without weighing it down or leaving it feeling brittle and crunchy When moisturizing this hair type, we recommend the use of Rato Mavri Edition Body Butter (can also be used on hair too) followed Nelle Mavri Hair Butter. Hair should be steamed or sprayed with warm water to enhance product penetration into hair shafts. Helpful fact: protein sensitive hair type is often associated with low porosity hair types. Since it’s already difficult for moisture to penetrate this hair type, adding protein based products on this hair type might result in hair that’s brittle, stiff and crunchy which may lead to breakage.
Yes of coarse! For newborn babies we highly recommend using Rato Mavri Edition Body Butter (yes, you heard right! This body butter is multifunctional and can also be applied on hair!) followed by Rato Mavri Hair Butter, it will likely define your baby’s natural curl pattern! Children from 3 years of age and above should use the combination of Nelle Mavri Leave in conditioner, Rato Mavri Edition Body Butter, and Rato Mavri Hair Butter
Unfortunately no, we do not recommend use of any of our hair butters on scalp or treating receding hairlines however, we do recommend that you create your own hairline growth concoction using the following ingredients: Golden or black castor oil (50ml) Peppermint essential oil (10 drops) Rosemary essential oil (10 drops) Tea tree essential oil (10 drops) Aloe juice (150ml) Helpful tip: Massage this mixture on your problematic areas in circular motion for 1-2 minutes every night before going to bed and cover your head with a silky scarf and every morning when you wake up until you’ve achieved the desired results.
Besides hair products, there various factors that influence the rate in which your hair growing, for instance factors like your hair regimen, diet, hydration, mental health, genes, etc, may affect how well or bad your hair is growing. Hair routine: it is of significant importance to develop a good hair routine and to stick with it religiously or consistently. For example wash your hair weekly or biweekly, do a protein treatment at least once a month, make sure protective styles aren’t too tight, avoid over manipulating your hair, avoid excessive heat and harsh chemicals, don’t comb your natural hair too often, etc. Diet: Foods like sodas, excessive sugar, fast foods may clog your pores, inhibit protein absorption and promotes hair thinning! Try eating foods that are high in omega 3,6 &9 fatty acids, protein, biotin, and foods with high nutritional value for your hair such as eggs, nuts, fruits, vegetables, salmon, seeds. Hydration: too much alcohol consumption for instance might cause dehydration to your internal organs and your overall body in which will definitely affect your hair growth negatively. Staying hydrated by drinking lots of water is essential for moisturizing your natural hair from the inside. Mental health: yes, your mental health state can also affect your hair growth negatively too. If you suspect that you be suffering from stress, anxiety or depression it’s best to seek professional help. As these mental health disorders may result in excessive hair loss and if left untreated for a long period of time and may result in serious hair balding in some circumstances. It’s also best to avoid handling your hair when stressed or irritated. Genes: Our hair types and appearances is greatly characterized by our inherited genetics. Genetics play a major role in the hair curl pattern, thickness and the overall texture. However, even though this is the case, certain lifestyles might have a positive impact on your hairs length.
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